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Earliest Possible Occupancy is August 1, 2017

Seriously interested in buying our home (including Rent-to-Own) - then click on below. To check its approximate value, see ZILLOW. We are willing to negotiate. Thanks. John & Laurie Williams

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Hello! Our spacious Alamogordo, New Mexico Home (Otero County Home) now available for Sale! Our big Alamogordo Home - 4 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 2,200 sqft Home (+500 sqft more space in fully-enclosed back porch), Energy-Saving Features, Loaded with Many Amenities - is located near NMSU Alamogordo Campus, several large Medical Clinics and City Hospital, fine Grade School (Buena Vista Elementary School), large Gym, The International Space Hall of Fame, and a great IMAX and Panetarium! Our large Alamogordo home will not likely last long on the market! Please contact us right away by Email: wizguru@jjwill.com. And tell your family, friends and associates!
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Home is now unoccupied - Move into it within days of approval!

Alamogordo, New Mexico 88310
2011 Crescent Dr.
Corner Crescent Dr. & Indian Wells Rd. near NMSUA

Home for Lease (with Images)
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RENTAL APPLICATION - RENTAL AGREEMENT (being revised, provided on request)

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Welcome to our Alamogordo, NM home we are leasing/selling (Alamogordo, New Mexico, Otero County, New Mexico State University Alamogordo Campus (NMSU), Buena Vista Elementary School, Holloman, AFB, Rocky Mountains, International Space Hall of Fame, IMAX Theater, Planetarium, medical clinics, hospital)

Welcome to Alamogordo (Home for lease/sale, Alamogordo, New Mexico, Rocky Mountains, New Mexico State University Alamogordo Campus (NMSU), Holloman AFB, International Space Hall of Fame, Planetarium, IMAX Theater, hospital, medical clinics    Welcome to Alamogordo, New Mexico! Beautiful White Sands National Monument, Rocky Mountains (Alamogordo, NM 4-bedroom home, house, lease, rent, sell, buy, NMSU Nursing School, Clinics, Hospital)    Welcome to Alamogordo, New Mexico! Natural Desert Beauty, Beautiful Southwestern Sunsets, Rocky Mountains (Alamogordo, New Mexico, Otero County, New Mexico State University Alamogordo Campus, NMSU Alamogordo Campus)   Alamogordo, New Mexico, Home for Lease, Home for Sale, NMSU Alamogordo Campus, Buena Vista Elementary School, White Sands Missile Range,WSMR, NM, Holloman AFB, NM, Holloman Air Force Base, Holloman Test Track, Rocky Mountain living)

John and Laurie Williams
(John Williams is a Disabled American Veteran)

P.O. Box 23097, Albuquerque, NM 87192
Cell (no text messages please): 505-321-1034 ("John"), Fax: (call to schedule)
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Email SUBJECT Line: Please put, "Home Lease Inquiry" or "Home Sale Inquiry"
We respond to all serious Emails. If you receive no response within 24 hours, please phone us (no texting).

Being eaten alive by the high and skyrocketing costs of gas or diesel fuel, or utilities?
Lost Your Home due to hurricane, flood, tornado, fire, earthquake or other disaster?
Disgusted with urban life, no peace of mind? Endless winters, grey skies, high humidity?
Tired with climbing stairs, and/or distant schools, medical facilities and/or gym?
Fed-Up with bad parking, paper-thin walls/ceilings, and/or little yard for children, pets?
Government monetary blunders and uncertainty jeopardizing current home payments?
Need a larger home, lots more storage, and/or more and safer off-street parking?
Our fine Alamogordo home is likely your very best solution. Don't live in Alamogordo? Then move here.

If after reading webpages of interest you have any question or concern about the property, any lease or sale provision, or anything else that is making you hesitate to lease or buy our property, please email or call us. If your question or concern is reasonable, we will try our best to accommodate you, answer your questions, clarify statements, fix any problems, or do whatever else we can reasonably do to lease or sell our property to you.

Our large, primo location Alamogordo Rental Home (Alamogordo, New Mexico, Otero County) has special advantages, features and amenities - beats all other known 4-bedroom homes for rent or sale in the Alamogordo area hands down in location, size and its many other advantages, features and amenities:

WE WELCOME YOUR INPUTS: What is the best way to promote our Alamogordo, NM, property? We don't have a monopoly on great ideas. We always seriously consider any serious idea our renters and prospects freely provide us. If you have any ideas you would like to freely share with us, please do so (email preferred). If you wish to refer us to a website, please do not send us active links by email - especially to foreign sites - because almost all of these are risky sites. To inform us of a great site, in your email to us, just list the site's URL and copy and paste some of its content directly into your email to us so we may know whether or not it is a legitimate site.

WATCH OUT FOR RUTHLESS REALTOR TACTICS: The simple fact is that Alamogordo has far too many Realtors and Property Managers for its current housing market. Sadly, whenever that happens, Realtors and Property Managers get desperate and many become ruthless. They not only bad-mouth each other and each other's characters and properties, but they also bad-mouth non-affiliated Owners, Sellers and Landlords. Deciding what home you will rent or buy is a major decision in your life, and requires weighing many important factors. We strongly suggest that if a property seems like what you might want or need, you actually view it yourself with an open mind. Do not let another Alamogordo Realtor, Property Manager, Owner, Seller, Landlord or anyone else bad-mouth you into not seeing it.

SINCERE AND SERIOUS RENTAL AND SALES PROSPECTS ONLY: Whenever you rent or sell real estate, unfortunately today, along with the many good rent or sell prospects, there will also almost certainly be those (mostly Realtors and Property Managers) who want to spy on you and/or sell you something, looky-lous and/or gossips, sincere serious propects but who clearly don't and won't qualify for your property, those whose real purpose is to use the bathroom, criminals looking for things to steal and/or to case your property, and others for other reasons who have no real interest in either renting or buying your property for themselves, or for their relatives or friends.
      If you are not a good rent or sales prospect but fall into any of these other categories, do not enter our Property without first fully and accurately disclosing to us in writing who you are and all of the reasons why you want to enter our Property, AND you have received from us our written prior permission to enter our Property; else if you enter our Property without our informed consent and cause us any cost or negative result, by entering our Property you have fully agreed to assume full liability for all such costs and negative results solely based on our beliefs. This of course does not apply to home hunters who sincerely and seriously view homes to find the best home for them, family members or close friends to rent or buy.

Our Alamogordo property is in very good condition and needs no significant work we know of. All work on our property is done by our regular home repairman in Alamogordo, by us (the property owners), or by other contractors we have prior written agreement with. No one else is authorized to make repairs on our Alamogordo property without our prior, explicit written permission. If you see repairs that need to be made on our property which you wish to notify us about for free, please call us at 505-321-1034, but be advised that we do NOT authorize any repairs without a PRIOR WRITTEN AGREEMENT first, nor without our regular home contractor being notified about the needed repair (there is a home repair scam in Alamogordo area where property owners of rental properties are called by a "contractor" who notifies them that a repair is urgently needed, which he claims he can quickly do with some left-over materials from his previous job). For us to consider you for any work on our home, you must first submit a free written bid, and we must then authorize you in writing to do the work for no more than your written estimated amount.

Good, Bad and Ugly Renters
We strongly believe that our good renters (most) should be positively publicly congratulated, and our worse renters publicly exposed.

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